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    Post things to cheer up people

    First time I've gotten on for quite some time Captain. Oh my I laughed and laughed at this entry. Made my day! Off I go now to share this with my husband. I think of you and pray for you and your family from time to time. You keep hope alive Mt. Pockets! ...I've read what's in our heart...
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    Husband newly diagnosed and we have questions

    Hi Liz...Just checking in First of all, I LOVE to hear your kids Liz, are supporting you in a way that you know how valuable you are. I hear you to have people help without you feeling like you're so unable to do any thing for yourself. Even if physically we can't like we use to...Hey, we're...
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    Physical Therapy, Not what it's cracked up to be.

    Good for you! That is great that you didn't give up! Congratulations!
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    Physical Therapy, Not what it's cracked up to be.

    massage Hot baths and massage in the pressure points help. I also heat up a sock with white rice in it in the microwave so I can put it on the areas that hurt. Talk with your doctor to see if there isn't something you can learn to help with the pain for you mom. For me? HEAT! Not too hot...
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    What do you do for pain?

    Thanks for taking the time to let people know the effects of Neurontin Captain. We need to be informed on the pros and cons of keeping ourselves going. You sure did your homework! I won't be taking Neruontin THAT's for sure! Especially after the above post! YIKES! Get on that soap box when...
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    Yesterday i was diagnosed with PLS

    Singin in the Rain Although I can no longer sing, I like to think I can still mayke a joyful sound. lah laaaaaaaaah! Our daughter gave me a plaque that says, Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... It's about learning to dance in the rain! This is the legacy I want to leave for our...
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    Comment by 'Frizzel' in media 'Sailing 4 My chariot beside the boat'

    You inspire me Al! I think of you and others often on the forum. Just heading out with my hubs. My diagnosis is definitely PLS. After having almost died from the Hydrogen Sulfide inhilation from our septic vent being stopped up and me breathing it in, I'm back to the progression of PLS...
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    Cindy...Is the Mike that died the one who was the artist? Frizz

    Cindy...Is the Mike that died the one who was the artist? Frizz
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    Asking for prayer

    Keep us posted with the answered prayer Thank you for asking us to pray for you. We will...
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    What do you do for pain?

    Discouraged Yes, at times it is discouraging. I've been in the car traveling for the last 5 hours and I'm about ready to go over the edge with leg pain. I'm trying to keep my mind on something other than the pain. The other part of the picture is when i am not in pain I savor every moment...