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  1. okbangel

    Any gadgets to help with pulling on clothing?

    Dx in march 22 and have lost my right arm. And slowly losing my left arm. Some days it 15minsute rdress a on me there it can 20-60 minutes get my top put on. If anyone has grweata way to o get dressed i woud Appreciate ?.
  2. okbangel


    I see Dr. Wymer at uf health in Gainesville Fllove them. In my support group they say Mayo Jacksonville has a good team for als.
  3. okbangel

    Message banking

    Avr x pro told to use also voice banking
  4. okbangel

    Severe overheating

    I’m having the trouble of regulating my body temperature. Im hot after a little bit of exertion. And then I freeze if I’m not been moving for a while I’m not getting it either.
  5. okbangel

    Third-party eval to get vehicle

    How did you get a vehicle grant for a car. Very interested in going this route. Any information would help me so much. Barbara
  6. okbangel

    Hello everyone.

    Hi Mike, I was diagnosed 3/14/22 sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with ALS. It sucks!!!
  7. okbangel

    Accelerated death benefit / life insurance

    Does anyone know where you can get funeral insurance after diagnosed with ALS or is it out of the question? B
  8. okbangel

    Miracle Berry for Relyvrio

    My doctor said use flavored water mix well then refrigerator cold make drinking this a lot better.
  9. okbangel

    Miracle Berry for Relyvrio

    My doctor said to mix flavored room temperature drink dislovag power and frig until ice cold. Guess what it works !!!