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  1. kitkat

    My heart is broken, but he is free

    I am so sorry for your loss. I wish you peace and love for the days ahead.
  2. kitkat

    He is flying free!

    My darling husband, Steve, peacefully passed away on August 26th. He was surrounded by our seven grandchildren, our son and his wife, and myself. It was such a peaceful passing! I cried my eyes out no only because he was gone, but also because he was flying free - no more pain, or air hunger...
  3. kitkat

    My husband flies free as of 8/26/19. He was surrounded by our 7 grandchildren, our son and his...

    My husband flies free as of 8/26/19. He was surrounded by our 7 grandchildren, our son and his wife, and myself. He is free!
  4. kitkat

    Adjustable Bed Advice?

    My husband sleeps on a hospital bed we received from the ALSA loan pool here in Minnesota. It has an air pump for alternating pressure. For his comfort, I purchased a very good 3" Serta mattress topper, which I got on sale for 1/2 price plus 30% coupon:). My PALS loves the topper & is very...
  5. kitkat

    Spasticity in leg

    My PALS also has problems with cramping and fasciculations. I have several of those packs that contains seeds or something, that you can put in the microwave. I put them on his legs, or wherever he is having problems. The warmth definitely helps calm things down so he can get some sleep. I...
  6. kitkat

    New caregiver

    A sad welcome to you Stacy. You have come to the right place for support and understanding. You are not alone. I have found this forum to be a blessing. So much love and understanding. Our ALS loan pool has been very generous with anything we need for my husband. I have noticed some of the...
  7. kitkat

    Hold on Tight...

    Thinking of you both and sending hugs. Kathy
  8. kitkat


    Thank you for all the good, heartfelt advice. His hospital bed is in our room, and that is where he will pass, surrounded by love. A couple of our friends can't understand why I am "letting him" stay home & eventually pass here. Won't it bother me to be in the same room after he is gone?? I...
  9. kitkat


    My PALS finally received his PWC a couple weeks ago. He should have received it almost a year ago, but miscommunications & ball dropping happened. It is set up with a head array so he can drive it, and a joystick in the back so I can drive it. Unfortunately, his neck has gotten so weak, he is...
  10. kitkat

    Exhausted & Feeling Guilty

    I would love if his aid would give him a shower, but, Steve does not want that - modesty?? And, he will only poop if I am there to clean him up. Yay. It's enough for him that they help him pee. But I get it, I would probably be reluctant to have an aid get that personal. He has an aid with him...