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    Our Friendly Neighborhood watch

    Re: thinking of those who are absent Thank you olly,i sent you a pm.:(
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    For those of you with ALS

    I believe when im stessed my voice slur's more also lose my apetite.
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    Thank you all,each day is getting harder not easier,i just want a way out,sooner or later im going to end it all while i can,my personal life went downhill 9month's ago,also at that time this illness was progressing fast,then BANG i got the news 3weeks ago that i have mnd,but i already knew deep...
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    Hi guys,im sorry for not replying to my mail messages,3 weeks ago i got a phone call from the hospital,saying my neurologist has asked if i could come see him.Well he told me that all my other test's emg,muscle biopsy,etc... the results came back ok,but the genetic test result showed that i have...
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    Scientists create brain cells
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    Muscle Biopsy

    Hi,all the doc said he wanted me to have emg,endoscopy,blood test,genetic test,muslce biopsy,i only have genetic test left,he said my symptoms point towards als/mnd but he cant say till he gets these results back.
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    Muscle Biopsy

    Hi all,i go for my muscle biopsy 2moro,appointment is for 9:30am so leave house at 6am as it 3hours to drive to the hospital where its going to take place,anyway im scared and very nervous that i now am changing my mind going.:sad:
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    Dad lost the long hard battle..

    My condolences to you and your family.
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    Stem Cells trials 2009
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    Muscle Biopsy

    Hi,i would like to know if it will be painful and how it will affect to stand from wheelchair to car(with help)effect me,also when i get home i will have to climb stairs with alot of help to get to my room.Plz can sumbody explain wot the procedure and pain how it will effect me as i have...