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    Wake-up Calls

    Beth - I haven't been on in quite a while - turned into a lurker after hands started to go. I worry often for you and Paul. Hope the house sale can happen quick for you. Stu is the Angel in deed. Sharonca
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    New to forum, John McCarty, PhD

    So glad to hear you are here. Your knowledge of ALS is invaluable. Sharonca
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    Guardian Angels funraiser-ride share?

    After the Walk in for Inland Empire funds were WAY down they let one of the two reps go. Now one rep for all of Riverside and San Bernardino counties. Big area. ALSGA is a continuous blessing.
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    Guardian Angels funraiser-ride share?

    So sorry I couldn't be there. Stu generously offered a car for me but ... Don't get jealous Beth! Are there pictures on the web site? I still need to get my donation in.
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    Second PEG opinion = GO

    Great to hear the news!
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    Anyone had a spouse leave?

    And why is he not being made to pay for both lawyers? This is awful. I hope the judge is going to let him have it.
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    ALS/Diabetes Walk in Chico, CA

    I have a friend in Chico who is going to sign up. I'll post on FB as well as PLM. Hopefully the walk will be a huge success and an annual event in Chico.
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    No peg for me

    Pat - I indeed had to demand a FVC laying on my back at the hospital at LLUMC. Dr. Nist was very happy to provide the referral when I asked but I had to be very proactive because everyone else was appethetic about it there. And still it ended up with pain for me as Beth said. I was a hair...
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    ALS/Diabetes Walk in Chico, CA

    Valya - Do you mind if I post site on my FaceBook page and on patients like me?
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    Foot Turning

    My left foot has turned in quite a bit and now the leg is kind of turning. Makes my knee hurt sometimes. Got much, much worse after I stopped walking. Now that I can't stand at all it is very noticible. I don't wear my AFO's anymore. Should I try to keep it straight? Is it going to cause...