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  1. trying to stay positive

    Can all of you help

    Voted and posted on my FB page. Good luck!
  2. trying to stay positive

    contact someone you know

    Just signed and shared on FB.
  3. trying to stay positive

    New? Introduce Yourself - Say Hello

    Hi Cruz. I am sorry about your dad's diagnosis. Look up on the web. They are an organization that focuses all their assistance to ALS patients and their families. A doctor's referral letter is not necessary but it does help to speed up the process. They helped with a...
  4. trying to stay positive

    Research news about the cause of ALS

    Re: common cause of als Here is the article from the WGN (local news) site August 21, 2011 Researchers at Northwestern University say they have discovered a common cause behind the mysterious and deadly affliction of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease, that...
  5. trying to stay positive

    Dizziness and ALS

    Re: Dizziness My husband also had this problem and the Eply manuever cured him almost instantly. The PT who did this said that sometimes it takes a few times. It ocurred again a few weeks later and i was able to successfully do the Eply on him at home. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo...
  6. trying to stay positive

    My Brother Finally has relief... Al Marble aka Capt. Al, MtPockets

    I am so saddened to hear of Capt. Al's passing. He was such a source of comfort and inspiration as my husband battled ALS. God bless you Capt. Al. My condolences to the family.
  7. trying to stay positive

    Remember me? Can you/Will you help my daughter?

    Hi everyone. I haven't been here for awhile, so some of you won't know me, but I'm sure alot of you will remember me. My husband Lenny passed from ALS 9/28/09, just 26 months after diagnosis. My daughter Selena was 16 when he passed, and is now a high school senior. Her dream since middle...
  8. trying to stay positive

    I just need to vent

    Most of you know that my husband passed from ALS last September. I just saw that his son posted a happy birthday dad message on FB. WTF? He never called, sent a card or visited the entire time his father had ALS (he lives an hour away) and NOW he is sending happy birthday messages?!? Today...
  9. trying to stay positive

    House Help

    Hi lovemydad, Welcome to the forum. My husband passed from ALS last September, and we had to move to a new home, as we were not able to convert the one we were in. After finding a home that would work, we still had the problem of adding a roll in shower. We received a check for $3500 from an...
  10. trying to stay positive


    We lived in a bilevel and had to move too. It took almost 21 months to sell our home. Actually we had to move twice. First into a temporary rental for 10 weeks until we were able to find a house that would work for us. Stress seems to accelerate progression, and moving is stressful that's...