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    Stair/Lift (a set of stairs and a lift all in one) Video

    A short video on a product from Denmark. I started doing a little research on this and will post the info as I get it. Flexstep by Liftup Health care technology - Aids for the disabled
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    Van Shopping Questions

    So I have been looking up and down the internet for Full Size Mobility Vans and while there are some available not many here in Calif. It seems that the mobility van market is largely made up on converted mini vans and that has been my dilemma in my search. After chasing down the Mercedes...
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    Greetings to All

    Hello Everyone, I've been all over the website now for a while and have read a wealth of information that I have found useful as I negotiate my journey . So a big Thank You to all of the contributors that have taken the time post . Your experiences and knowledge have already helped me as I...