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    For the past two days I have had a constant eye twitch (which is how my symptoms started) and my thumb will not stop shaking on my right hand (this started this afternoon) that arm also feels heavier than it ever felt. Is this a progession of symptoms of ALS or could it be a virus or something?
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    still the same

    Boxer, I too have been about the same for about a year and a half except sometimes I have more shortness of breath then I have had in the past. I think that you and I were on here at the same time in the beg. How is you son doing?
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    My husband and I are suffering from aweful sinus infections. We have been on antibiotics for a few days now as well as various over the counter and RX decongestants. Today I woke up and my calf was twitching more then ever and it is has been bad all day- I am wondering if this could be a side...
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    New baby girl....

    Congrats! Little girls are the best!
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    bulbar symptoms

    Can anyone go furhter into what happens if you have bulbar onset ALS? I have trouble swallowing all day except when eating or drinking. Sometimes it feels like I cant swallow and talk at the same time.
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    painful swallowing

    Midnight, Thank you so much for your posting! I had another woman tell me she thinks that it might be Epstein Barr or MG. I dont twtich for days sometimes and then it comes back with a vengence. Sometimes I have trouble swallowing, sometimes it is painful- and sometimes it is not. What...
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    I need a pep talk

    I know many of you out there are suffering with als and I know it seems like even more of you out there are awaiting a diagnosed- I am awaiting a diagnosed- and I am getting more and more depressed. I have symptoms that come and go (muscle twitching, muscle cramping, night sweats, joint and...
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    swallowing question

    I have the same feelings where my tongue feels too big for my thraot, sometimes my neck feels constricted and lately it has developed into painful swallowing- Dr. says that it is GERD- but the medicine I have been on has stopped working- so I do not know . . .
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    painful swallowing

    Does ALS cause painful swallowing?
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    Update on me

    No not diagnosed- just know not als because no emg abnormalities