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    I tried to FB you, but not sure I did it correctly! How is your Sister? How are you? Have you...

    I tried to FB you, but not sure I did it correctly! How is your Sister? How are you? Have you attended any family support groups?
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    Symptoms persisting progressing.

    Jram303.....I'm very new to all of this, but wanted to let you know I read your post and am sending warm thoughts.
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    Stopping riluzole

    Thank you, Nikki! I have been researching Neudexta. The side "uses" for some of these Rx's is so interesting, to me as a just never know what benefits each hold. Like all of the people/families on this site, we appreciate the support and will keep fighting!!!
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    Newly diagnosed family member

    I am so proud of you for reaching out, Derek! This is a wonderfully supportive group!!
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    Voice bank

    When I Google Voice Bank, I am overwhelmed! What are reputable sites? Sorry for so many questions! Thank you again!!!
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    Voice bank

    Thank you everyone! I appreciate all of the information! Thank you for reaching out and sharing your stories, advice and suggestions!
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    Voice bank

    Thank you for taking the time to write me! He has been to Hopkins, and we were supposed to go to ALS clinic right after seeing neurologist...but, because Neuro redid tests...they cancelled clinic appointment! I was VERY mad/disappointed...they apologized, and handed him a pamphlet!!! His Son is...
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    Voice bank

    Thank you, Kim! Did you utilize Voice Bank?
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    Voice bank

    I just joined this site today, and am so very thankful! My Nephew is newly Dx'd ALS, and I am trying to educate myself and my family. I am an HIV/AIDS nurse....but this is a whole new journey. My Nephew has garbled and nasally he a candidate for Voice Bank, or should he explore...