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    It's Happening Too Fast!

    Christina---I'm so sorry about your dad. It is so hard to deal with fast progression! Obviously, ALS sucks all the way around, but it is really difficult when the PALs, CALs, and family members don't have any time to adjust to each change. With my mom, she never seemed to have more than 3...
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    Dad having problems breathing

    Until you get the bipap, prop him up. Getting a hospital bed made a big difference with mom and we could easily adjust it depending on what she was doing. The neurologist told us when she was first diagnosed that it was normal for breathing to be 20% lower when lying flat than when sitting...
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    Statins and ALS

    Sorry about that, Al. His blog has gotten kind of clogged up with ads to help pay for it. I totally understand, but the post on "statin disaster" is worth reading if they're having problems and care to do the search.
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    Statins and ALS

    I believe from my non-ALS-related reading that statins can cause all kinds of muscle weakness and cramping, primarily because they deplete CoQ10, which depletes naturally with age. Anyone on a statin MUST be on CoQ10 according to Dr. Mike Eades of Of course, whether or not...
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    Not sure how to help.....

    Hi, WeidemannB! I grew up in Reston and my inlaws still live there. I was the adult child several states away from Mom and my sister who was her CALS. Mom went to live with her when she was diagnosed. My sister is single and has a college-aged daughter. It was so hard on them both. When I...
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    When does it get easier

    I'm so sorry about your mom. I think any way you grieve is "normal"----I guess there are different stages everyone has to go through, but we all do it differently. I was the one who had the hardest time right after my mom died---a lot of bad days, not being loving enough with my own family...
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    Failed PEG insetion

    I started to say that my mom had the Gastoscopy, but now I think she was just intubated. I honestly can't remember, but she did have a very sore throat for several days from whatever they put down her throat. The procedure, done by a GI, took much longer than the 15 mins. they had said it...
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    pain when yawning

    My mom hated yawning because her muscles were too weak and she couldn't control the closing of her mouth, so her jaw just snapped shut and hurt. Maybe that's what is happening. I'm sorry; it's so hard to watch them go through these things. So many little things that we take so much for granted.
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    New Movie re: ALS

    Donna, the book you're thinking of is "Tales from the Bed." I can't remember her name, now, but her foundation got lots of celebrities involved including Ben Stiller. I didn't know it was a movie. Heck, I didn't know "Tuesdays w/ Morrie" was a movie, either. Okay, her name is Jenifer Estess...
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    Hubby's had a BIG set back

    I'm not hugely experienced in this area myself, but I did discover when Mom was in the hospital for her PEG that the staff is just clueless when it comes to ALS patients. We refused to leave her alone because they couldn't comprehend the fact that she was essentially paralyzed, especially when...