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    Happy Birthday Jeff!

    Happy Birthday Jeff Greetings. I guess I missed it somewhere - that you are another Arian. Great. I will have to look around to see what your date is - mine is Mar. 24th. There do seem to be a lot of us here. Interesting. Anyway - - - enjoy - - - - celebrate - - - whatever! Roy
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    Lithium, Mom's finger

    Anyone else - Do Effects of Lithium (?) change over time I have had some apparently positive effects from 3 weeks on Lithium, but they are not consistant. Easier time sitting and standing, as witnessed by my wife who does all the lifts and transfers, but it varies from day to day. Some days...
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    Lithium & Rilutek interactions ? ? ?

    Hi - this is a question that came to me, and I suspect it may become important to others as well. Did anyone who is now taking Lithium have any warnings about what they COULD and could NOT take at roughly the same time as the Lithium? As they are both 2X/day meds it would be easier to take...
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    Vancouver , BC the use of Lithiun

    How Nice That Is OK - not to rant, but - - - - - - - It is really wonderful to see this kind of on-top-of-it action from the ALS clinic up there in BC. What I want to know is WHY have all of us down in the US not gotten a similar message from our local ALS clinic / association? I just...
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    [B] Using Hospital Beds ? ? [/B]

    hospital bed sheets Greetings and thanks for the info - I needed that. Can you tell me - were those FITTED sheets or do they just lay on the bed with nothing to hold them? ? ? I know the last few times I was in the hospital the sheets were constantly slipping -- with me on them -- down the...
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    [B] Using Hospital Beds ? ? [/B]

    Is anyone here using a hospital bed at home? The local ALS society has offered to get me one, and I am going to take them up on it, to put in the remodeled 1st floor handicap apartment that is almost ready, However, the ALS Soc seems unable to supply me or my wife with any information on...
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    New Lithium based therapy announced

    Lithium therapy -- how ? ? ? Specifically to ZenArcher - - - as you are local, have you or anyone you know of locally been able to get our local ALS people to put you/them on Lithium? I have no tried our friends at Hershey - I'm pretty sure I know what thqat answer would be. I have...
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    Elevated Liver Enzymes

    liver enzymes elevated ? ? ? Hi Jeff / ZenArcher: This has been my bigest problem dealing with Hershey - that it is very difficult to get specific and detailed information from them. Hang in there and don't let them stall you off without a good answer - meaning Yes or No, not Maybe. I have...
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    night time urination - how to do it ?

    Condom Cath Hi again: I hope your art is still going well - I love your wokr, though it is OF COURSE sometime disturbing. Thanks for the thumbs-up on the Con-Cath -- I have pretty much run out of other options, and it is good to hear from two different people that it is a good workable...
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    text on site too small - can it be changed to bigger somehow?

    Nope - Ctrl Shft + and Ctrl Shft - have no effect either. Actually, even going to the browser tool bar and change Text XSize through all the 5 steps has no effect. It looks as though the Server is delivering the page as an IMAGE not as an HTML document, so the text size is fixed when the...