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    Update on me

    Jamie good for you that you can go skiing, by now if it was als you would not be able to ski. I'm jealous, my little legs would probably get me half the way down and I'd have to roll the rest of the way down. Let's hope for you it's lymes that does not turn into als!
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    Nice to hear of the generous donations in memory of your wife. In response to some of the other posts it seems at the very end there is one last fight. When my mom died from cancer she had been sedated and not coherant for three days then the day she passed she was tring to get out of bed...
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    Or if they could figure out how to stop the shrinking they'd make a fortune.
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    Ya I saw that, I knew you were referring to me!
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    Hi Olly, sorry to hear your feeling crappy. Me I'm just plugging away, no good days as far as the body goes they are as good as I make them. I find eating lots of cookies makes me feel better :) That's one thing that I have found different about people with als. I can tell my forearms and legs...
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    Is there anything you wish you had known before your EMG?

    Shatzie, I'm so sorry, how are you doing? It would be great to have no als diagnosis at all but at the same time at least you can have the supports in place and start to deal. I know with some members the road to diagnosis is tough, people getting told they are hypochondriacs, people that have...
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    Hey Al, How Are You Doing?

    Hi Al, I was laying in bed and thinking of all of the wonderful people I have met so far on this forum. I was thinking, I wonder how Al is doing? I think many of us think of Al the big, strong, fireman. Even though you have ALS I always seem to think of you as invincible Al. Anyways just...
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    als over 40 heredtary?

    Northerngirl, are your symptoms very much real or is it a possibilty that you are worried about the possibility of als so you are experiencing symptoms. Me myself can't understand how people are not sure if they are experiencing symptoms or if they are real. For me when my arms and legs were...
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    I think my fingernails are shrinking

    Thanks for the laugh Al, I think it was the only one I had today, so thanks for that!
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    We Lived, We Laughed, We Loved

    Your husband sounds like he was such a wonderful husband, father, and granfather. You can tell he meant so much to so many people. I can tell he was everything to you, I am sorry for your loss. Mamma