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    Beach Bum

    My father, Ken "Beach Bum" passed this morning at 7:30 a.m., a daughter holding each hand. Thank you for the love and support you provided him with over the past 20 months since his diagnosis. He was on the forums every day that he was able, and I know he thought the world of you all. He...
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    CADD morphine pump

    Can anyone comment on their experiences with these CADD pumps? My father has been given one for pain management and although his pain seems well managed, I am not sure I am very happy with the side effects. He has episodes of extreme confusion and we have to frequently explain to him where he...
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    Beach Bum Update

    Well... not so good news folks. Dad was admitted to ICU this a.m. with pneumonia. Caught it fairly early, but I think he is losing his fighting spirit. Not sure where this will end up. An extra prayer or two would serve him well today... Will keep you posted.
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    BiPAP and drowning.

    My dad recently got set up with a BiPAP machine. Unfortunately he is drowning in saliva while he is wearing it had having difficulty leaving it on for any amount of time. Any suggestions on how to deal with that?
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    Trach Question

    I am new to the forums although I have been checking in here and there reading as much as I can. Love the site. My dad was diagnosed with ALS August 2010, bulbar onset. I moved into his home with 2 teenaged daughters in June 2011 to help him out as he progresses with this disease. My mom...