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    I'm beyond it. I knew yesterday was Wednesday, ugh! I'm frustrated. I am just antsy today. I want to go outside, but no one is available. My next shift caretaker isn't til 7:00 signed whining for no reason.
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    New and so much pain. Need help.

    Hello Camille, I am so sorry you're here, but you are welcome. CBD oil doesn't have the same affect as smoking a joint. It truly can help with muscle pain, cramping, and anxiety. As it is with most psychedelics the experience feeds off your own state of mind. If you're warm and safe and...
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    Make a sentence game

    it peed on the sleeves of your jacket? That is hysterical, thanks for the belly laugh, such an image you created. I am not going to the zoo at wheelchair height.
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    Make a sentence game

    startled--Stony terrain altered river trail, leaving environmental damage. ENZYMES
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    I m scared i might have als can someone help me

    Hi, I am sorry you're frightened. You are a year younger than my oldest son, so I am going to speak with you like a mom. Why in the name of all that is holy would you be exercising with weights for 8 hrs? Two of my three boys played college football. I have raised athletes. What you chosen...
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    (Not such a) long time follower, first time poster

    Hello and welcome, sorry you're here, but looking forward to hearing from you.
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    Happy Wednesday. Thanks for all of your great advice. I was in Ann Arbor last week to talk about a feeding tube and all the big scary words were used. I asked to meet the anesthesiologist and after we had our what felt like parlay, I will be having the procedure July 30th with area only...
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    Just when you think life has stopped sucking it sucks even more...

    My sincere condolences on the loss of your family member.
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    Make a sentence game

    tropical - - The recently observed political incidents cause apathetic looks. Salacious
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    Welcome sir. I am very sorry you're here. These people are brilliant, and caring.