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  1. BLPhill


    It is with a heavy heart that I tell of another forum members passing. Ronelle, who was only 44, lost her battle with als on 06/02/10.
  2. BLPhill

    fibs and emg

    Does anybody know what fibs are on a emg report?
  3. BLPhill

    Trying to avoid glutamate.

    Is glutamate always called glutamate? If not, what are the other names used by glutamate? Anybody know?
  4. BLPhill


    What does it mean to have Hoffman?
  5. BLPhill

    CK Level

    Would anybody know what a "normal' CK Level would be, if there is such a thing. What would be considered high? Thank You
  6. BLPhill

    Foot Drop.

    Hi All, Would anybody know how long it takes to develop foot drop once the leg muscles have begun to weaken? Is it immediate, days weeks, months? I didn't recognise my leg weakness for what it was, so i'm not sure how long my legs have in fact been weak. :oops:
  7. BLPhill

    uncertain DX

    Has anybody ever heard of the diagnosed of a pls form of als? If so, please explain it to me. My first diagnosed was pls. The second was a pls form of als. I go back to U of W for third opinion on Feb 20th. The more I go to the dr the more confused I get. I have just decided that, it is...
  8. BLPhill

    . Requirements for ALS Diagnosis

    Has anyone ever heard from a neurologist that in order to be DX with als that you have to have three of four areas of denervetion. 1. bulbar region 2. arms and hands. 3. torso. 4. legs.
  9. BLPhill

    user name

    al Could you ask my daughter to create her own profile and user name. Her name is Domino she always logs in under my name. she is a cals. my guess is she will spend alot of time on here. thanks
  10. BLPhill


    I visited Virgina Mason Today. Dr. Ravits Neuromuscular specialist in Seattle. He has changed my diagnosis from PLS to ALS Betty