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  1. Cricket

    Changing a flat tire?

    Hi, i am wondering if changing a pwc flat tire is something that should only be done by a technician. Has your cals or friends ever changed one? Or is this a big no-no?
  2. Cricket

    Formula making me sooo sleepy

    I am working hard to put some weight back on my bones (although I now have a perfect skeleton Halloween costume). So far, my tummy feels comfortable with 200-300mL so I am tube feeding 5 times a day. Out of those 5 times, I am using commercial formula (resource 2.0) twice. Everytime. I ingest...
  3. Cricket

    RIP Syekick

    It is with regret that I share with you the passing of our PALS Syekick on Aug. 11/13. My deepest condolences to his loving wife and family.
  4. Cricket

    Things that make you cringe...

    Getting my fingernails cut and can't stand having them filed. Feels and sounds like fingersnails scratching a blackboard. But worst of all is having somebody else clean my belly button!
  5. Cricket

    mosquito volleyball

    Not sure who is better at catching mosquitos: Me with me gimpy hands or my soon-to-be 2 yr old?
  6. Cricket

    Throat Tickle

    Now and again, I get a tickling sensation in my throat when I talk too much. I can usually get rid of the itch by drinking cold water or by doing "a-hum".* Recently, if I can't control the tickle, it feels like my throat muscles contract for just a couple of seconds and I can't seem to get any...
  7. Cricket


    I don't understand why someone would tell me that illness in the body is a reaction to emotional or psychological trauma... It implies that I am responsible for my ALS? Really? Does not make sense at all. What a load of crap, I say!*
  8. Cricket

    The Tube Talk

    Hi Just have a few questions about feeding tubes. I think i have read most of the past posts re the peg. I also watched the very informative video from the als association regarding swallowing and feeding tubes.* I was just wondering if anyone ever regretted getting a peg? (weird question i...
  9. Cricket

    Hello from new member

    Hi everybody I just joined the forum a couple of days ago. I have been diagnosed with ALS almost 2 yrs ago. I use a pwc to zoom around and always bug the techs to increase its horsepwr or to get it to shift speeds (like a motorbike) without having to stop before each time. I am 41 and have 3...