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    ALS Support Group....Seriously?

    I hate to be a bearer of bad news but the reality of ALS is that it SUCKS! There is no easy way to approach it, simply because there is no future hope. If you have an extremely slow progressing case, be thankful and live your life to the fullest while you can. If you aren't so lucky, still live...
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    Doctor suspects ALS!

    Sad as it sounds, I can believe this senario. My mother went from June of 2007 until February 2008 with a neurologist that had no idea what was wrong with my mother and got downright mad at me for researching on my own. After getting her transferred to a neurosurgeon at the medical center an...
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    How do I Start?

    I hate to hear yet another person affected by this ALS Monster! My advice is this: Whatever he is able to do now, do it while he is still able and within monetary means. Accept any and all help offered. Take advantage of the local ALS Chapter because they may be able to loan you items like wheel...
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    Bulbar ALS

    When bulbar set in on my mother, her voice became a bit monotoned. She couldn't sing in church anymore. For several months the slurring would come and go but the monotoned sound remained.
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    muscle shrinkage

    I guess now that my mother has been gone for over a year, I am finally finding myself with questions that I didn't even consider before. Thanks Joel for answering my question.
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    muscle shrinkage

    Has anybody experienced significant muscle shrinkage before actual weakness began?
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    Gosh....this thread really brought back memories. Mom had a terrible time with constipation once she went to total peg feeding. Mirrolax was the medication of choice for a while. Then, as the pain medication increased, so did the constipation issues. I will tell you this: toward the end, nothing...
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    Cramp Question

    Let me clarify.... severe cramps in the upper left abdomen, under the breast bone, and now wondering about the upper right abdomen too?
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    Cramp Question

    Wondering if a severe cramp in left side is something any PALS have experienced? I can't remember my Mother ever complaining about that one.
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    Mango is now free..

    You are in my prayers. Hope you find peace knowing he is no longer living with this horrible disease.