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    lhasjr lisa stated that she was told that the muscular portion of the emg was abnormal. AS far as I know, there are only 2 components to a basic EMG...neural conduction and muscular electrical, which includes muscle activity as well as reaction of muscles from neural input. both myopathy and...
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    lisa... I believe the nerve portion is the nerve conduction, and the muscle portion is the needle EMG. The nerve portion is normal with ALS and polymyositis and other diseases. The muscle portion is abnormal in these. I don't know exactly what you are referring to when you say the nerve...
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    not sure what I have, sound like als?

    myooshka... I would look into the demyelinating neuropathy mentioned definitely gets worse with pregnancy, and gives you sensory symptoms. the motor symptoms are more pronounced and you can have atrophy. have you had an EMG? It should show conduction blocks or delays if that is...
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    How common is upper motor neuron onset?

    I am sorry about your symptoms What do you mean by spasticity...where do you feel it and is it giving you pain? You likely need an EMG in the muscles with twitching.
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    Worried about ALS

    bamabryan... There are other things it can be. I don't know if PALS get fatigue in all limbs either, prior to obvious atrophy....It would seem that goes against ALS as well as your pain...but the left sided feature is consistent, but not common...It sounds more spinal than ALS...but I would...
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    Im begging you to give me one reason for optimism?

    CIDP, lyme, cervical/lubar/sacral stenosis, polymyositis, muscular dystrophies or other genetic problems, myasthenia graves to name a few.
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    a bit worried+ EMG

    Recently, I posted about a feeling on the sole of my left foot. When I rest and then take a step, it feels like someone is pushing into the skin. This resolves with some walking...It feels like indented skin or something. I can reproduce it by pushing deep in the area sometimes. There is no...
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    kathy, I am not diagnosed... but from all my research, I don't believe that ALS gives you sensory symptoms of burning...probably another metabolic or neurologic problem if you are having these problems.
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    thanks for posting a you had a year of symptoms before there was objective evidence of ALS...I wonder when the EMG would have been positive. Thanks for your info. I also wonder when the babinski starts to go up
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    kathy...can you post all your symptoms and how long it took for them to develop, etc. we may be able to point in some direction at least.