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    Ideas on keeping the memories of our PALS alive for future generations

    Hi all! I was browsing reddit when I decided to search ALS... I saw a woman post about having her Father record himself reading books for her children. I'm wondering what have you done with your PAL to create lasting memories for when they pass? Some ideas I have: My Dad has a Tobii so...
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    Time to Vent

    Hi there Soakland.. I'm a full time caregiver for my Father and I FEEL your pain. I've broken down a few times over this 7 month period of caring for my Father.. Everyone else seems to be carrying on with their lives and I've given up what feels like everything. Setting boundaries is HUGE.. I've...
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    Sweating and ALS

    Hi there! It's my understanding that people with ALS are very temperature sensitive...Even a degree here and there makes a difference. My father was having very bad sweats, lower body temp, severe spams, and began severely overheating..The doctor suggested it was anxiety and prescribed him...
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    Over heating/ Help

    Hi PALS, My father is having hot flashes and is miserable. The over heating began around the beginning of the month. It lasted only 20 minutes to a half an hour but now it's lasting for hours and getting worse. He is only sleeping 2 hours a night. I called his doctor who said that this over...
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    Over Heating, legs/feet swelling.

    Hi Kim, Doctor at U Miami won't prescribe pain meds because of his depressed breathing. They told us we need to have a RN or CNA here to monitor him in order to do that. He was prescribed Meloxicam for his hip and Tizanadine (muscle relaxer) for the muscle spasms. It's pretty uncomfortable to...
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    Father ALS struggling

    Hi CALS, Wish I knew about this a little earlier. Moved down to S Florida to be with my Father who was diagnosed last Nov at 55 with ALS.. I moved down in July when my family told me to help my parents. My Dad has progressed very rapidly. He went from July being able to walk and talk to...
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    Over Heating, legs/feet swelling.

    Hi PALS, I'm posting for my Father. He was diagnosed in Nov '15 at the age of 55 and has advanced very rapidly. His mobility is very compromised with little to no control over his left leg and losing motion in his right. He can still walk but it is very painful. To the point: He sits in a...