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    Symptoms for 5 years

    Thank you for responding. You may be right, I definitely believe there is something amiss as I’m only 27 and struggle to do anything now but maybe I am barking up the wrong tree sort of speak. I think they’ve ruled out most autoimmune issues so they’re not sure where to go with it either. I’ll...
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    Symptoms for 5 years

    Yes of course. I’ve attached it below. My neurologist ruled out any spinal issue due to the recent clean mri.
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    Symptoms for 5 years

    I’ve attached the findings below. I would be grateful for any input as I really don’t understand them apart from where fasiculations were noted. Hi best friends14, I don’t think it is arthritis as such as the snapping has been happening for a long time and only started hurting recently. It’s...
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    Symptoms for 5 years

    Hi all Once again I’m sorry I’m back posting here. I had the results back for my 3rd emg and there were many abnormal findings including left ulnar nerve compression in my left arm and neurogenic changes seen in pretty much all muscles tested. My symptoms only seem to be getting worse. The...
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    Symptoms for 5 years

    Hi ShiftKicker Thank you for your reply. It really is appreciated. I’ve gone the last 4 years after being told I had nerve damage telling myself I was healing as the neurologist told me and it’s all anxiety. unfortunately as you said there is something going on. It’s just no one is sure what...
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    Symptoms for 5 years

    Hi everyone. I’m so sorry to come back and post on here but im completely stumped. I think I posted back in January 2020 (previous thread here) regarding getting bitten by ticks in 2019 and having an abnormal emg. Since then I’ve had multiple mri scans and blood tests. All normal again including...
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    Id appreciate people’s opinion.

    Thanks for your time and I didn’t realise I left my name. He mentioned it could be recovering from a tic bite because it was around the time I started feeling off but wasn’t sure. I mean these symptoms have been here now since last December. I have noticed shuttle physical changes like loss of...