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    What are the symptoms of ALS?

    Get over yourself. Wright could care less you somehow blocked him from your thread. There are plenty of people on here that appreciate him and there will be plenty more to come. Sorry he "hurt your feelings." Grow a pair.
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    What do you think?

    I'm not seeing the seriousness here. The guy said he had a few twitches with NO weakness. What is so serious about that? And Wright didn't say that fingers don't have muscles that make them move. The guy has a freakin' Ph.D. I think he knows that there are muscles somewhere that move your...
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    Here's My Story - Welcome Feedback

    May I ask why he needs a second opinion? He already got one from a neuro who has seen him a number of times and even did an EMG and the neuro was trained at an ALS clinic.
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    Here's My Story - Welcome Feedback

    Well patricia1, I have no doubt that you just completely freaked-out cdc1. Just because your symptoms started with tremors and vibrations doesn't mean a darn thing to the condition of cdc1. If there is anything I hate more, it's when someone on here says, "That's how my symptoms started." Who...
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    Questions for Al and Wright

    I understand your intentions, Jeff. You seem to have the best interest for those on here, but so does Wright. And what he was saying was absolutely correct (I confirmed it with my neuro). You both seem like good people and I hope that we can all continue to support each other and get along...
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    Questions for Al and Wright

    Childish Obviously you didn't see how Wright took the high road and apologized. So please tell me why you would want to try to start trouble again. Reading this entire thread, it looks like you were the one who started the whole thing Lorie. You pasted that "clean EMG thread" on here because...
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    43yo male...

    I think it might also have something to do with younger people (that is, people in their 30's and 40's) use the internet and older people don't. I still think the average age of onset is the same in everything that I have seen.
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    Questions for Al and Wright

    You're with Jeff? Based on what? He clearly won that debate. Wright is here trying to help, not that Jeff isn't, but what the heck. Wright didn't do anything wrong and if he did, could someone tell me what exactly it was. He is probably one of the few people who has come to this forum and...
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    Now that was weird

    Two very strange things happened to me this week: Early in the week I picked something up with my affected arm (it is a little weak and has a little bit of atrophy, mainly in my upper arm and upper forearm) that was a little heavy (it weighed about 40 pounds) . . . and after I did that, my...
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    Spasm versus Cramp

    So I now understand that the stiffness in the joints is due to the muscles contracting and making it difficult to move them . . . but where does spasticity fit into all of this?