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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    Of note on the vehicle adaptations, my understanding is that hasto be done through the VA hospital, similar to a wheelchair. My dad had tricare and preferred private doctors. He didn’t want an electric wheelchair or have much use for it, so I’m not familiar with the VA hospital and how they...
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    DIET and WEIGHT.

    When it starts to hit respiratory function you will lose weight rapidly is what I saw. It makes you lose your appetite and your increased breathing burns tons of calories.
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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    I don’t know how to message you my email. Maybe someone can help me with that. I will even give you my phone number.
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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    In my situation, the veterans house (owned previous to diagnosis) was completely paid off before all of this. So, the VMLI would have offered him no benefit. Technically, we could have sold it and pocketed all proceeds. Instead my wife lived there since we moved from out of state to take care...
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    Is this the end?

    Our Hospice nurse told us when the end was coming. If you’re not on a trach., they can tell from listening to your lungs. Dad had up and down days for a while, then out of the blue one day the hospice nurse said he was barely getting any air, but to me he looked about the same. About a week...
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    VA coverage for 24 hour care?

    A couple things on "time". I studied the rules/law extensively. Portland is a big city, so I would start by asking VA or ALS clinic if they know of a SAH qualified house on the market. This would come from someone who recently passed and did the legwork for you. My dad didn't live in a...
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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    First time through, most definitely. That's why I want to help. I could do this all over again much easier. The strange thing is I have a 18 month old house a veteran with ALS could directly purchase from me and have within a month. That veteran will get the same check for $81k and a VMLI...
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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    And for further reference, my dad owned a 2 story house outright, so VMLI was useless and it was going to take an VA accepted contractor 14 months to modify. I had a brand new house built in 4 months. This also avoided having to live in a construction zone. We sold his prior house and kept...
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    I'm Hoping to help veterans with ALS

    The sticky at the top doesn't tell you how to do anything. My dad had a new house built. He got a VA loan for the entire amount (330k). Once we closed we got a check for $81k. The VA called it a "reimbursement". We saved the money to make payments, and he also got the VMLI for 200k. When...
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    VA Compensation for ALS

    You will be rated 100% "with ALS". That doesn't get you extra, but (by law) the VA is required to expedite everything if you have ALS. You will need to remind/inform them of that. With aid and attendance that came to about $4k a month (tax free). Being 100% entitles you to a bunch of other...