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  1. sarah

    Husband Lost His Battle

    I was not on this site very often but I have talked to a few people. My husband at the age of 26, lost his battle to ALS on Sept, 27th during the night. We knew it would come, but I didn't think it would happen yet. From the way he was progressing I thought he had a nother year. I guess I was...
  2. sarah

    Doctor's Visit?

    my husband has the basic wheel chair, nothing fancy to it. It is not a powered wheel chair. I used a two inch foam custion this last time, that seemed to help a little. It sat him up a little better, which made his legs not stretch out as much. Also, he can not be reclined in any chair. If his...
  3. sarah

    Doctor's Visit?

    My husband went to his regular 3 month doctor visit today. He has a hard time sitting up for to long, and we were at the doc's for 1 1/2 hours. We almost left because chris was getting to sore sitting in his wheel chair. My question is, what will happen when he cannot sit in his wheelchair any...
  4. sarah

    Hospital Bed?

    Its just hard doing something that my husband doesnt like. I know I need to make some changes on how I am lifting him, but on the other hand, I don't want him to be mad at me. Cause when he's mad, he's mad about everything. I think I will talk to him about all this tonight. THanks Sarah
  5. sarah

    Hospital Bed?

    Kathy, Thank you for the advice. We do have a hoyer lift, I have tried it, but I need someone else to help. He almost slides out of it, and so I am trying to make sure he doesnt fall out and move it at the same time, that was a bad experience. I guess I could look around and see if there is...
  6. sarah

    Hospital Bed?

    My husband is 26 years old and has had ALS for 4-years now. He cannot move, but maybe a slight movement of his hand or legs and if he is sitting up, he can sway his head from side to side. About the hospital bed! It is getting very difficult for me to pick him up and move him from the couch to...
  7. sarah

    Good news

    Great news! Keep us posted.
  8. sarah

    What About Spasms?

    Shaking in the legs and feet when my husband was diagnosed, one of the first things I started noticed was when he would sit down, or even in the car driving, his legs would shake. Sometimes he would have to pull over and wait a minute for it to stop. If I remember right, his legs was the only...
  9. sarah

    How Old is everyone in here?

    23 when diagnosed My husband has ALS and is only 26 years old. He was diagnosed when he was 23 years old. It has been a long road in the past few years! Sarah
  10. sarah

    recliner lift chair as opposed to hospital bed

    My husband loves his recliner! My husband also loves his recliner. He only lays on the couch to nap and to release pressure off his neck from his neck brace. He hates to lay down, but sometimes he gets so tired he has too. I too, wish that there were more nurses up to date on ALS. I know more...