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    Drug Trials

    Hello, My doctor has suggested two drug trials and I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge or input about either of them. One is R-Pramipexole and the other is Talampanel. Of course there is always the chance that one could be in a placebo group. Thanks, Cari
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    need advice

    Hello, I just found about a couple different things that I would love to have some feedback on. I learned about Dr. Shroff in India doing Embryonic stem cell therapy and getting results. the website is Another interesting site is and then you go to...
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    Alternative therapies

    Steven Shackel WEbsite Hello, I was not clear in asking about Steven Shackel's website. He is not selling supplements, it was the THEORY section of the website that was fascinating. You can google Steven Shackel and see what you think. Be well everyone. Cari
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    Alternative therapies

    Hello, I just read Steven Shackel's website. We are on the same page in terms of therapies, supplements and philosophy. Anyone else familiar with his research? Thanks, Cari
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    ALS and Herpes

    ALS Herpes connection Hello Everyone, Thank you for your quick responses. I will do some research on this. One of my doctors feels its worth trying the drug Acyclovir but I am working so hard to detoxify and take care of my body that I am very wary of taking anything that has side effects. My...
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    Lithium & Rilutek interactions ? ? ?

    Lithium Hello, I am new to this site. Please let me know how you do on the Lithium. Thanks, CR
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    ALS and Herpes

    Hello, I was reading about an association with ALS and herpes virus. Anyone else have any comments about this? Thanks cr
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    Bulbar symptoms

    Progressive Bulbar Palsy Hello, This is my first time on this site. I was diagnosed with Progressive Bulbar Palsy almost two years ago. The day I was diagnosed I decided that my goal was to be "super" healthy until a cure is found. My work at this point is with the alternative medical...