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    Ipads: lousy choice for PALS

    The first version of ipad has a mic. I have dragon on mine
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    A big, fat problem?

    I lost over 120 lbs in less than a year before being diagnosed. That was with 3 consecutive fractures where I was unable to walk well each fracture healed. I have slowed the weight lose since being diagnosed only 40 lbs in 2.5 years but they are after me to stop losing weight. The...
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    wanting to know?

    Check the fine print. Most of these policies limit the insurance for the first 2 years unless it is an accident. If not an accident you get back what you paid
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    bi-pap or c-pap?

    I see you are located in Ontario. If your father requires a bi-pap it is covered under the Ontario health coverage. I received mine within 4 weeks of submitting the application. It is part of the ADP program I think.
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    Tilt-up Recliner

    Yes Laz Y Boy makes them but make sure you check out the chair. When I was looking at them I found that I could feel the massage units when sitting on them. What my wife calls the prince and the pea syndrome!
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    Ipads: lousy choice for PALS

    I have been using the iPad since it came out. I use it instead of a regular laptop for my Internet use. Not sure what I will do when I lose the use of my arms but have enjoyed it so far.
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    What my research has revealed

    Joel, I found the following story Canada Law -- doctor-assisted suicide The Story on Nancy B would be similar to your situation.
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    Help ALS Ontario Paralyze Poverty

    Round 3 starts today. Vote everyday for 10 days