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  1. Lovely Laura

    Anyone been involved in a sleep study

    Hello Everyone, I am currently involved in a journey looking for an explanation or diagnoses to explain the numerous symptoms I have had since March of this year. I believe less and less that it is ALS but there are so many of you that have been through similar journeys I wondered if you may...
  2. Lovely Laura

    For those that have a diagnosed question about fasciculations

    Hello Everyone, This site has been a great help to me this far. It helps me keep things in perspective and not jump the fence about what may be the cause of my problems. That being said, I have a new symptom that I have questions about. A couple of days ago I felt something funny happening to...
  3. Lovely Laura

    When to go to a Neuro centre?

    Hello All ::smile: I am new to the forum. I have been reading on here for a couple months and decided to ask the advice of the wise folks on here who have been through the process of coming to a diagnoses. First off I would like to say I could never even begin to understand what is like to...