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  1. WendyWooG

    Tillie's Trees

    ahh so lovely to see them. Wendy xx
  2. WendyWooG

    Tillie's Trees

    thanks Tillie
  3. WendyWooG

    Tillie's Trees

    many ,many grateful hugs to you wonderful Tillie., and of course my lovely Stevie and Frankie. I am in hospice at moment having all my meds reviewed due to ongoing progression., and of course to give my family some well deserved respite. This cheered me so much. You seem to be getting more...
  4. WendyWooG

    PALS roll call Wednesdays (or whenever) PALS ONLY PLEASE

    hi all still here but haven't been in touch much. I have been a bit rough and my breathing has got to the stage where I am dependant upon nippy 24/7. I am sleeping lots so visitors to are warned beforehand so that I could doze off mid sentence ;-) I am in good spirit though and am delighted to...
  5. WendyWooG

    Tillie's Trees

    so glad she keeps coming back. I also have a new grandchild due to arrive any time now. I wonder which one will make an appearance first! Thanks so much for the updates Tillie xx
  6. WendyWooG

    gene test results.

    yippee! the gene test results are in and we don't have any of the known fals mutations. Just sheer coincidence or possibly environmental factors for me and my mum so relieved. Wendy x
  7. WendyWooG

    Tillie's Trees

    Thanks Tillie Always lovely to see a visit from my special girl. Wxx
  8. WendyWooG

    My story-A family history of ALS victims.

    Rani Go to your doctor, explain your family history and your concerns and ask for a gene test. I was diagnosed at forty seven years. A few months ago my mum was diagnosed aged seventy five years old. Neither I or my mum's very experienced doctors feel this is familial als. The reasons are too...
  9. WendyWooG

    Husband diagnosed 2/18

    Welcome Sassy I started with foot drop too. I hope progression continues to be slow. Wendy
  10. WendyWooG

    New to the Forum

    hi Bill Welcome to the forum. Wendy