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  1. Music67

    CBD, THC, etc Dosage

    What do CBD and THC stand for?
  2. Music67

    Prayers for Charlene (anderkling)

    I had the chance to meet her last year at our monthly meeting. Wonderful friend to have
  3. Music67

    forum behaving very strangely

    Since I now type with one finger I don't contribute as much as before, I guess. My brother installed a dragon program in my computer but I haven't learned it yet.
  4. Music67

    forum behaving very strangely

    I sign in but it still tells me to sign in again and denies me forum access.
  5. Music67

    Six Month Lunasin Report

    I started it in Sept but nothing good happened so I stopped last month. My weight stayed the same which is fine. I have not lost any since I first got the disease. I did continue to lose strength in my only good arm and good leg. I have not noticed any increase rate of loss since I quit using...
  6. Music67

    ALS Reversals

    chally - as I mentioned earlier on this thread I found out that if you increase the fiber in your diet you probably won't have any binding problem. I had to add some of those gummy fiber candies to my diet - one a day - but they work.
  7. Music67


    I wonder that if doctor Bedlack thinks that Protadim shows promise there perhaps exists documentation that people had improvement in thei condition?
  8. Music67

    ALS Reversals

    Yes, I'm on that site too.
  9. Music67

    ALS Reversals

    My theory is that the slower the progression the slower the motor neurons are being destroyed and therefore the lunasin's rebuild rate would catch up to the regression rate.
  10. Music67

    ALS Reversals

    Nana Suzy - don't know when you started so not sure who you are referring to as `starting about the same time as you` but I just wanted to note that since you were diagnosed in 2010 you might have a somewhat slower progression than most so you will possibly see earlier results than most. I...