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  1. WendyWooG

    gene test results.

    yippee! the gene test results are in and we don't have any of the known fals mutations. Just sheer coincidence or possibly environmental factors for me and my mum so relieved. Wendy x
  2. WendyWooG

    cardiac complications in Als

    Hi has anyone had cardiac muscle in ALS?! I was rushed into hospital last week with classic heart attack symptoms. I was lucky enough to get a doctor familiar with ALS. My ecg came back fine with tachycardia the only thing shown.. So both the doctor and myself felt it must have been just...
  3. WendyWooG

    fals or sporadic?

    hi i have als, limb onset age at start of symptoms 47. when i was diagnosed there was no hint of any family history. Not good but at least i wasn't worried about my kids. today i have had the devastating news that my mum has been diagnosed with bulbar onset at age 75. the doctor has...
  4. WendyWooG

    In never rainsbut it pours

    In need of a vent at the moment. Mostly because I am in the wrong and know it. I have had a lump on my breast for a few months, my husband found out at the weekend and insisted on seeing the doctor, the doctor was very frank and said she thinks it's probably breast cancer and is trying to get a...
  5. WendyWooG

    Anniversary Day Out

    Hi all I had a wonderful day yesterday, a day out on the beautiful River Stort in a disability adapted canal boat. The scenery was gorgeous a lovely way to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Wendy
  6. WendyWooG

    A Spring cleaning of attitude

    A recent post in the calls section has made me re evaluate my attitude to things. Who we were as a person has a big impact on how we deal with the monster and how hard/ easy we make things for our family cals friends as things progress. I was always a doer an organiser a busy person, someone...
  7. WendyWooG

    The early hours

    Why is it that the early hours of the morning are so difficult to deal with. I am totally unable to sleep yet again and hitting a real low point. I have tried very hard through happy pills and counselling to find a balance and up until tonight I was doing ok. I have enjoyed my family made some...
  8. WendyWooG

    Giraffes and Penguins

    Its nice to have special friends who put themselves to a great deal of effort to arrange special trips out making wonderful memories. I had a wonderful trip out to London Zoo with family and friends. Feeding the Giraffes was amazing, they were such beautiful elegant girls. My husband and 4 year...
  9. WendyWooG


    I just need to vent, I am cross and irritable and just Grrrrrr..... It's been a difficult few days, and the hospital bed is coming tomorrow which means moving downstairs, and I just really don't want to. I know I need to and we will make the dining room and conservatory into a nice bed sitting...
  10. WendyWooG

    Minion wisdom

    Sad but true