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  1. Lobster

    Dear Friends, I pray that my nightmare will soon end. I have no regrets about not getting a...

    Dear Friends, I pray that my nightmare will soon end. I have no regrets about not getting a feeding tube or trach. It was the right decision for me. I have some regrets. But, I'm not beating myself up; I have always had people more than willing to do that for me. Literally and figuratively...
  2. Lobster

    Non verbal pet peeve

    When hospitalized for extensive oral/jaw surgery a few years back, after 48 hours of no meds, no nutrition, and no nurse or doctor visits, I called 911. I could only grunt ... What a nightmare. (Never schedule surgery on a Friday.) Anyway, my pet peeve now: yelling. Do they really think that...
  3. Lobster

    Other than laxatives

    Enemas. Also helps boorish visitors move along. Just announce it's enema time. :wink:
  4. Lobster

    To those with ALS, what do you think was the cause?

    Your Garden of Eden hypothesis is flawed. Paradise has been lost. And not just on Pandora. The Third World is a cesspool of toxic waste, human and animal excrement, and heart breaking ignorance. You can see the following on the banks of the Nile, the Nairobi, the Ganges, the Chao Phraya, the...
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    So sad. She was so kind. I will miss her.
  6. Lobster

    Back pain from hospital bed at home

    The original mattress on my hospital bed was first used during the Inquisition. I was able to get a more comfortable one from the ALS Association "loan closet." The last I heard, the original mattress was being used at Gitmo for enhanced interrogation.
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    Who needs Dignitas when you have peanut butter?
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    I refused to use my BiPAP for a while. I changed my mind when using it was better than not. Soooo she might change her mind. Or she might not. This disease sucks. If she wants to live out her days gasping between whiskey shots and ice cream, let her. My philosophy is that whatever doesn't scare...
  9. Lobster

    What do you think caused your ALS?

    I was healthy. Then I got ALS. My friends sometimes think I could use a whack to the head. Joking aside: I don't know why I won this lottery.
  10. Lobster

    Massachusetts approves marijuana but turns away assisted

    So, if life -- or what's left of it -- is unbearable, you can get stoned. I say we legalize everything, tax it, and use revenue for medical research.