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  1. Beach Bum

    Tons Of Drool, Enough To Fill A Pool

    VA sending me to MUSC for Botox injections tomorrow,have been told this will help and reduce jaw spasms also,will keep you posted,any questions please ask.:smile:
  2. Beach Bum

    Got a call from VA today

    The type of call every Vet would like if he needed it,thay have approved the bids for the bathroom and to make the doors wider.I put the bids in late July of this year and am surprised it has been so quick,they will make it so easy for me.Thank you Charleston SC and the Ralph Johnson VA...
  3. Beach Bum

    Venting at 68 years

    Had a meeting with a very respected pulmonologist today.I have had some breathing issues at night and have been sleeping in my recliner for appox six weeks now.VA has a hospital bed due at my house tomorrow at noon.Had the breathing test today and my FVC in june was 87%,today 53%.He will be...
  4. Beach Bum


    With ALS diagnosed in Aug last year and several problems prior to Aug, appox six months like swallow problems,I am a old guy 67 and now pain is moving in,Like I wake up at 3 am or 4 am and my arms are sore,when I walk my ankle hurts,my hip hurts,my back,my knee,I understand there are all kinds...
  5. Beach Bum

    Myrtle Beach ALS Walk 3-19-11

    Daughter Wendy started a team today for the SC ALS Chapter,my team is Kens Beach Bums,first time Ive been involved with this,any advice from the pros here,I have set a goal of 10,000.00 dollars,have bought a few extra PowerBall tickets
  6. Beach Bum

    So Thankfull

    After the diagnosed of ALS mid Aug 2010 and having lost 95% of my voice and a few other strange things going on, I had the health and strength to drive 240 miles to my daughters house and to be with her family.Life is wonderfull,the Turkey is a cooking...
  7. Beach Bum

    Voice 90% Gone

    Good morning friends, Another beautiful day here in SC.Having spent 40 years in sales,with my voice gone I could not give an apple away today.I know there are help,tech tools out there,which ones are the best,any ideas?
  8. Beach Bum

    feeding tube

    Hello Everyone, My Dr wants me get a feeding tube Now,the reason is I am still healthy.Will it be a pain in the butt to deal with.I am able to eat meals,took my daughter out to Applebees for lunch today had a great meal,no choking,or would it be wise to hold off until...
  9. Beach Bum

    Myrtle Beach SC

    Looking for members that live in this area,I go to the ALS support group meetings on the 2ond Saturday of the month,run by Lynn Negley,they are very good,also the church members put out a nice lunch.I have learned a lot from a few guys that go,they are both in power chairs and have had it a...
  10. Beach Bum

    Bulbar ALS

    Hi Was in Duke Medical Center yeaterday and they confirmed my ALS,had a great time doing the EMG, interview and exam by Dr.Bedlack.I have lost a lot of my voice,I feel good and work out on the treadmill for 30 min a day and walk a beautiful park in Conway SC for 1 hour Sun morning...