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    Questions about Bulbar Presentation

    I can help reassure also that a raspy voice is not connected to ALS :)
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    Worrying about tongue sensations. Anyone else deal with this?

    No, twitching means nothing, don't let it panic you. Read this really thoroughly as you are scared and need good solid information. Go see your doctor again, they can help...
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    43-year-old man with progressive symptoms

    you already have a few things diagnosed and they are most likely the cause of all that is going on. Not a sign of ALS I can see. If your doctors suspected ALS they would have sent you to a neurologist, I bet you have asked them and they said no doesn't look like ALS. Keep letting them do their...
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    EMG and NCS results

    Read this very carefully You have been clearly told no ALS. EMG and NCS are done together. Abnormal NCS has nothing to do with ALS. That is where you showed something...
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    I m scared i might have als can someone help me

    Please use basic paragraph formatting so that people can read your text. Start here How you came here and can say all signs been pointing to ALS is beyond me as there is not...
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    (Not such a) long time follower, first time poster

    Welcome, glad you spoke up so you can become part of the family.
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    27yr old male possibly ALS? any input is greatly appreciated

    Hopefully you read the post I linked you to - we put an enormous amount of time and energy into developing that to answer questions. You are not describing ALS as has been noted by other very senior members. All the best, whatever is going on is likely very treatable.
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    27yr old male possibly ALS? any input is greatly appreciated

    I'm so sorry, I can't even read that big block of unformatted text in a chunk. Did you know many of the people you expect to help you are using their eyes to operate their computer and breathing with the aid of machines? Some simple formatting will go a long way to making this something...
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    Sorry Sam that's frustrating.
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    Make a sentence game

    REDACTED Reading educational documents actually causes thunderously explosive decisions THUNDER