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    question about trache

    I'm doing quite well, thank you! In fact, Im now in India and about 2 weeks into a 2 month Stem Cell treatment--I feel progress is being made, by ME not the disease!
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    question about trache

    Carbon Dioxide. Get your blood CO2 checked--arterial blood gas--especially if you feel drowsy. SpO2 (% Oxygen saturation) is only half the story--albeit the easy half (sorry, needle required).
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    vent humidifier water

    Is there REALLY a difference between "sterile water for inhalation" and "sterile water for irrigation" ?
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    vents & humidifiers

    7 hours!?! mine is only good for 30 minutes. :-( what make & model do you have? how big is it?
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    vents & humidifiers

    i am SO looking forward to being mobile again someday--currently chained down by the humidifier and lack of batteries for the vent. Are you running your vent off the wheelchair battery?
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    Vents/ Tracheostomy Breathing issues

    my understanding is that in India they do not send people home on a vent, i.e. if you get a trache+vent, you go into a nursing home, in India.
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    vents & humidifiers

    thanks! do you run the humidifier 24x7? do you mount the vent on your wheelchair?
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    vents & humidifiers

    I love the HME. But the humidifier seems to make suctioning more effective. The humidifier and associated condensation is an enormous hassle--yesterday i had to shut off the vent, call for help, and replace the circuit. How do other vent users manage this?
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    vent features

    we picked the LTV-950 based on simple but important criteria: 1. product familiarity at the local hospital, 2. portability, and 3. FAA approval for use on commercial flights Overall, I'm satisfied. But here's some things I'd check into if doing it over: 1. The hospital vent has a huge display...
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    just got vent

    When I inhale, the turbine in the ventilator sounds like an ocean wave rushing in over a Pacific Coast beach of pebbles. When I exhale the PEEP valve hisses like the wave retreating through the pebbles... I sat for hours with the peep valve suspended a couple feet in front of me and the...