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  1. jonico

    Travel with ALS

    Hi AnneMarie, Interestingly, early on in my wife's ALS journey (early part of being wheelchair bound) we spent a weekend up in Ottawa and found it to be wonderfully accessible and ideal for exploring. We loved the National Gallery, 'walked' for miles, and found several accessible restaurants...
  2. jonico

    Foot ball player Steve Smith dies of ALS...

    Thanks Al! Saddens me to hear. I found Steve to be a great inspiration. Jon
  3. jonico

    Advice on Supplemental Medicare Insurance

    Great advice from everyone Rich. Can't offer any better. Hope it works out well for you! Jon
  4. jonico


    Sorry everyone, but it is so hard to read posts like this tonight in light of other posts here from those with irrefutably diagnosed ALS... of so much more significance!! Worried97, I wish you'd take a moment on this site and read what else has very recently been posted, and then maybe take...
  5. jonico

    Another white flag…

    Fusia, I'm glad I got to know you through your words and wisdom here. Your final post touched me deeply. Peace! Be free! Jon
  6. jonico

    In memory of my lovely wife Joni

    Very sorry for the loss of your dear wife Joni, Dale! Wishing you peace as your journey continues... Jon
  7. jonico

    Make a sentence game

    If it's the E word that popped into my mind Kevin, all I can say is whew! EARLOBE Eleven arsonists ran lightheartedly over burning embers. ARSONISTS
  8. jonico

    Make a sentence game

    RANCH Rarely are new caregivers helpful. HELPFUL
  9. jonico

    Make a sentence game

    EXPOUNDS Excitedly, Xi proposes our United Nations do something! UNITED
  10. jonico

    Talking behind her back

    Love it, Angel