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    Remote Control Assistive Devices for Home

    I have received several remote control devices that allow me to control several light switches in my home as well as open/close my overhead garage door. These devices are manufactured by a company called GoControl [commercial link removed]. These devices use a Z – wave hub or controller which...
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    Improving ground clearance in a power wheelchair

    Re: Navigating in a Power Wheelchair I currently am using an EZ lock system to secure my chair in my handicap van. The pin I am referring to is currently affixed to the bottom of my chair midway between my front wheels in my rear caster wheels. With the pin installed my ground clearance is...
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    Improving ground clearance in a power wheelchair

    Steve, great comments (in other thread . I have not been on this site for quite a while and I saw this post and wanted to ask you another question since you are my power chair guru. I was...
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    Adventures in Yellowstone

    Steve, I always enjoy your posts and this last one showing your trip to Yellowstone and your maneuvering on the trails was quite inspiring. Your video showing the magic mobility 4 x 4 chair was quite interesting. What can you tell me about that chair. Where is it distributed? What is a price...
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    Boston area PALS..

    I'm planning to go as well
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    Questions from new member to this forum

    It is still unspecified at this time. I am scheduled for a follow-up appointment with my neurology team in 2 weeks. Hopefully I will know more then.
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    Questions from new member to this forum

    Thanks for your reply. I am still new learning all the acronyms. What exactly is TAP?
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    Questions from new member to this forum

    I am a new member to this forum. I was diagnosed with a motor Neurone disease in July 2016 after complaining of weakness in my legs and arms that commenced in 2012. On top of that, I was stricken with Guillain-Barré syndrome in September 2016. After 9 months of hospitals, rehab facilities and...