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    Ottawagirl has left us

    Our dear and beautiful Elaine Samson, ottawgirl, passed away an hour and 18 minutes ago. She was peaceful and had her husband holding her hand when she passed. I will send messages posted here to her family, at a later date. Yasmin.
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    Message from ottawagirl

    Hi everyone, Elaine has asked to let people know that she is being admitted into her hometown hospital today. She has colitis. The doctors have noticed some inflammation and want to keep her in hospital for a couple of days. She is on pain medication to help keep her comfortable. I know she...
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    We are born to love as we are born to die, and between the heartbeats of those two great mysteries lies all the tangled undergrowth of our tiny lives. There is nowhere to go but through. And so we walk on, lost, and lost again, in the map-less wilderness of love. ♥ ~Tim Farrington
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    Toast to Bob

    It's Bob's birthday tomorrow, our second without him. Join me in a toast to him, the love and joy we shared for over 30 years, the love we continue to share now. I am thankful for every minute with him. "There is no pain so great as the memory of joy in present grief". Aeschylus Yasmin
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    Found this on the Internet - it's simple. A Consoling Poem About Death: Death Is Nothing At All Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away to the next room. I am I and you are you. Whatever we were to each other, That, we still are. Call me by my old familiar name. Speak to me in the...
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    CBC article on assisted suicide ban in a BC court.

    I thought some might be interested in this article, based on previous discussions/posts. _________________________ A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has declared Canada's laws against physician-assisted suicide unconstitutional because they discriminate against the physically disabled...
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    ALS Awareness - Meet Kevin Swan A glimpse into the world of ALS - The ALS Association
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    For those living with ALS, past and present

    From a FB page: The Most Beautiful People We have Known are Those Who Have Known Defeat, Known Suffering Known Struggle, Known Loss And have Found their Way Out of the Depths. These People Have an Appreciation, a Sensitivity And an Understanding of Life That Fills them with Compassion...
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    Grief Is.....

    I posted this before and the thread was closed. Al couldn't open it but suggested I re-start it. It really helped me. I found it online, on a site called griefsjourney. com and thought I'd share it with those who have lost their loved ones. Grief Is.. Grief is more than just a...
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    Too Many In Memoriam/In Memory Of.....

    There are way too many threads in the Memoriam/In Memory category. Slow down everyone. It's just too sad to lose so many forum members and their loved ones to this awful disease.