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    One sided PLS?

    Has anyone heard of just one sided pls? My loved one's weakness with sensation intact has been in the left arm and left leg since 2017. Just wondering with those diagnosed with PLS, how common is it to be one sided, just the arm and leg of that side. Thanks!
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    Is it the longer one is improving in affected limbs the less likely pls/als? Can plateaus last years?* I had a thread for my dad but it's closed now.* He doesn't want to go for more testing since nmd doesn't have treatment. He got the possible pls and that was enough. I'm the one digging...
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    Pls or Als?

    I'm new here and just got the devastating news that my dad may have pls. He had brain and cervical spine mris, nerve conduction test, and emg. Neurologist is guessing pls as nothing else makes sense. He's referring my dad to another neurologist at uc irvine, dr. Mozzafar who has the equipment to...