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    Peg Tub Placement Fiasco

    Hi, For those of you that read my post 2 plus weeks ago. My husband had his PEG put in last Thursday. It went ok but they had to keep him overnight he throw up several times and the tubu hurt so bad he could hardly move. He went home on Fri but started a fever right off. When I called...
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    Peg and fvc is in the 20

    Hi Everyone, My husband Joe is going to the Dr on tuesday for a consult for a peg. He really needs the peg. When he was first Dx they said he should make up his mind before he reaches 50% on his FVC test. That has a long time come and gone. He said flat out no peg. Now he is having such...
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    At 23%fvc and is very weak

    Hi Everyone Do any of you know how low a persons fvc can go. My husband has the bulbar form and his breathing is at 23fvc. He is very weak but still cares for all his own needs. He just doesn't want to get out of bed. He says he thinks it is depression. I'm not to sure. He refuse to go...