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  1. sironside

    Difference in symptoms between ALS/PLS?

    I am confused. The John's Hopkins website attempted to differentiate between the symptoms found in PLS compared to ALS. They said that it mainly affects the legs and you get leg cramps. It said one of the main differences between the two is that PLS does not have twitching as a symptom. So now I...
  2. sironside

    Sorry to bother, but having a hard time again

    This is an old tune that I'm tired of playing. My swallowing and speech are getting worse and my hands are shaky every day. Bottom line is that I can't cope. No one knows what's wrong, all I can do is hope I will get better. I'm scared out of my mind and really depressed. I just want to drink...
  3. sironside

    Depressed today

    It's so hard waiting for the tests and not knowing what's wrong with me. I get the EMG friday and I have mixed feelings about it. I'm scared to know the results and yet I feel that friday is so far away. I feel like one night I'm just going to stop breathing before they figure out what's going...
  4. sironside

    What kind of hobbies do you guys find helpful?

    As it turns out at the moment, I have no hobbies because of school. But as life goes on and the weakness continues (if it continues) what kind of things are a great way to keep your mind busy? I have a major problem with anxiety so I could really use suggestions for the future.
  5. sironside

    Scared of my symptoms

    Hi guys, I'm only 22 and have very bothersome symptoms. I've had breathing problems that come and go since January of 08. it seems to get worse some weeks and a lot better others. I had the flu really bad, the worst I can remember (very high fever for 5 days) the end of february. My musle...