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  1. Chincoteaguer

    The girl of my dreams

    Sibyl passed away at 12.20 am today. I hope to post a more appropriate memorial on the forum at a later date. She was truly the girl of my dreams. As I often told Sibyl, I loved her long before we met. I was lucky to have found her. Ernie
  2. Chincoteaguer

    Started the morphine

    Started giving Sibyl morphine @ 4pm yesterday. Instructions say 0.5 ML every 4 hours but I waited until 3:30 this morning for the second dose. Also giving her lorazepam after discussing with hospice nurse. She is resting comfortably but very shallow breathing. Thru the tube the morphine...
  3. Chincoteaguer

    Sleeping and tube feeding

    Sibyl has been sleeping a lot these past few days and definetly losing her concentration - she picks up her white board and magic marker and then just lays them on her stomach, etc. I have been letting her sleep thru her feeding times and when she does wake up she will only let me feed her...
  4. Chincoteaguer

    Dry mouth

    Can Furosemide (lasix) cause lasting dry mouth even after stopping the drug? My PALS started having extreme dry mouth after I gave her the first dosage - 2 ML, 20MG. Prior to the Lasix she was producing excess secretions. The Pharmacist suggested halving the second dose but this produced the...
  5. Chincoteaguer

    Back home from hospital

    I apologize for the length of this post but I hope it might help others who have to take their PALS to the ER. We were in the hospital from Thursday morning until noon on Saturday. As I have posted previously the trip to the ER was recommended by our health care nurse based on a false oxygen...
  6. Chincoteaguer

    Logon issue

    It may already be in the sticky files but be sure that your cookies selection is set to "always allow". I've been struggling for almost two days with the logon problem and stumbled on this fix.
  7. Chincoteaguer

    Med Aire Alternating Pressure Mattress Cover

    Not a sale. I will give this item to anyone who is in need. Costs would be shipping. Send me a PM Ernie
  8. Chincoteaguer

    Flu shots

    In January my wife and I got the flu even though we both had our flu shots. She spent 3 days in the hospital. Until yesterday we had been unable to get this year's flu shot for my wife because she is bed bound and our home care has stopped. Several contacts including our very goog PImary...
  9. Chincoteaguer

    Range of motion exercises

    We started range of motion exercises when my PALS became increasingly immobile. About 4 months ago. We stopped these during a 5 day stay at the hospital and did not fully resume the exercises do to discomfort from recovery and stiffness in the legs. We are now considering resuming these...
  10. Chincoteaguer

    Emergency call or alert options

    My wife (PALS) and I are concerned that I as primary CALS although in good health may have a Medical or other emergency where I I cannot contact anyone. My wife does use her iPhone but is unable to speak clearly. I suspect there are iPhone Apps or necklace gadgets that can be set up to do this...