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  1. ZenArcher

    Jeff Faull Passed aka ZenArcher

    This is Jeff Faull's wife Tammy. I wanted to let everyone know that Jeff passed away Friday October 14. Thanks for supporting him. He liked to help others as much as he could. I will post more later. Thanks again.
  2. ZenArcher

    Support for Caregivers of Veterans

    I know this was posted before but the VA changed the page. I think it is more informative. I will post the link in a follow up. You may know that VA provides benefits and services for Veterans, but did you know that VA also has a number of services designed specifically to support you in your...
  3. ZenArcher

    FDA Warning SimplyThick

    I don't know if anyone uses it but the FDA has issued a warning to stop the use of the thickening gel SimplyThick after the death of two infants was reported.
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    My niece has organized a Cut-A-Thon at the McCann School of Business Cosmetology Clinic in Sunbury, PA. It is going on from 9 to 1 on 5/21. All proceeds go to the ALS Association. If you are in the area and able please stop in and show your support.
  5. ZenArcher


    After a lot of reading and debate I decided to give Dronabinol/Marinol a try. I was hoping it would help with pain and give me and the wife a better nights sleep. I tried the first 5mg pill dissolved in water Saturday night and got nothing. Two hours later I'm taking my normal pain and sleep...
  6. ZenArcher

    Concerning Veterans and "Incompetency"

    I've had a couple PMs concerning competency hearings. Although this hasn't happened to me personally I would take it seriously but at the same time I wouldn't worry. What follows is a quote of the pertinent section of the Code of Federal Regulations 38 CFR 3.353. If you read parts (c) and (d)...
  7. ZenArcher

    Now I know

    For the past few days I've felt basically horrible. After a feeding I would feel slightly nauseous, my stomach would feel warm like I had hot coffee, I was lethargic and shivering but I neither felt like nor measured a fever. My initial concern was an infection but with no fever that didn't make...
  8. ZenArcher

    Pain in the backside

    For those of you with a ROHO do you have issues with what I'd have to call hot pain? There are times when the back of my thighs just below my cheeks feel like they are on fire. If I stand up it goes away almost immediately but returns as soon as I sit back down. We've checked the inflation and...
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    Just 'Cause

  10. ZenArcher

    Wonder Pill

    For the past month I've been taking hydrocodone for pain. It began last summer when I fell and cracked my collar bone. The ER gave me 15 Vicodin. I had a follow up with the VA and when I said I'd like a few more they gave me 100. Once the collar bone healed up I had like 97 left which I of...