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  1. trying to stay positive

    Remember me? Can you/Will you help my daughter?

    Hi everyone. I haven't been here for awhile, so some of you won't know me, but I'm sure alot of you will remember me. My husband Lenny passed from ALS 9/28/09, just 26 months after diagnosis. My daughter Selena was 16 when he passed, and is now a high school senior. Her dream since middle...
  2. trying to stay positive

    I just need to vent

    Most of you know that my husband passed from ALS last September. I just saw that his son posted a happy birthday dad message on FB. WTF? He never called, sent a card or visited the entire time his father had ALS (he lives an hour away) and NOW he is sending happy birthday messages?!? Today...
  3. trying to stay positive

    Paranormal experiences with PALS that has passed

    I hope this is not offensive to anyone, but I have a need to tell of my experience. My husband was DX 8/07 and passed 9/28/09. Since then my daughter and I have experienced several things that we have no explanation for other than it must be Lenny letting us know he is still "with us". My...
  4. trying to stay positive

    CBS one hour ALS special

    I know this was posted by kepi in the Stories of Hope forum, but I'm posting it here too, in hopes of more people seeing it. The Chicago Chapter "Live for the Moment" By Gary Wosk, Staff Writer “Live for the Moment,” a one-hour special from Emmy Award winners Jeff Probst and Mark...
  5. trying to stay positive

    More items to donate to PALS

    Hi everyone, I have another list of items free of charge for any PALS that may need them. The shower/commode chair Shower transfer bench raised toliet seat with removeable arms wood transfer board gel mattress overlay for a hospital bed the phone you gave us a gait belt hoyer...
  6. trying to stay positive

    Lenny has passed

    Hello forum family and friends, It is with great sadness that I inform you of my husband's passing on 9/28/09. He came home on Hospice very early Wednesday morning after an ER admittance into the ICU. It was his wish not to be placed back on a ventilator and to come home to die. I am...
  7. trying to stay positive

    Hubby is in ICU on a ventilator

    What a day this has been. I am exhausted. I got up this morning as usual and checked on Lenny. He wanted to be repositioned but was fine. Then I drove my daughter to school. When I got home I checked on him again. He wanted to be on his other side, so I repositioned him again. He said it...
  8. trying to stay positive

    I have items to donate to PALS

    Hi everyone, My husband has unfortunately progressed to the point where these items are no longer of use to him. If any PALS can use them, I would be glad to give them to you. I would ask to be reimbursed for any shipping costs. Or if you are nearby, we can arrange for pick up. The items...
  9. trying to stay positive

    Hospice with a PEG?

    Sorry, I know this has been addressed before, but my search didn't find the answer I was looking for. Can a PALS qualify for Hospice if he already has a PEG? Thanks!
  10. trying to stay positive

    Anyone have a padded rubber room?

    Well, good news......bad news. Good news...We have a buyer for our house after 19 months. Yay!:D Bad news....we close on June 19th and still don't know where we will be!:shock: We thought we had found a place but the inspections came back bad. High radon levels & rotting siding. The...