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  1. shovon

    is it true?

    Hope for ALS treatment after groundbreaking study results revealed | This is true, ,is there any hope now?
  2. shovon

    localized twitching

    hi I am 30 years old. My both calves and both feet are twitching for the last 5 months non stop. I have visited neurologist and he suggested me b12. But no improvement. I have also twitching in my arms, hand , fingure, face,eyes and even in belly but these twitching disappeared after some...
  3. shovon

    about twitching

    Hi I am 30. For the last 3 months my both calves are twitching non stop.specially my right calf is more twitching. I visited neurologist and he gave me vit b12.. but from internet i found this type of twitching is earliest symptom of als. I am very much anxious now as I found als have no...