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    ADP program changes in Ontario

    Could someone tell me why the ADP programs in Ontario are changing? Patsy
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    Feeding tube supplies in Ontario

    I need information about the feeding supplies in Ontario, Canada. Since the the CCAC quit supplying feeding tube related supplies last spring, where do you get yours and how much is it for the items? For example: 60cc catheter tip syringes feeding tube etc. ... Thank you; Patsy
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    My son's graduation!

    I am pleased to tell you that I attended my Alexandre's high school graduation yesterday. I never dreamed that I could have seen this day, with the ALS and all ! Thank you Jesus ! Patsy
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    New MS discovery and treatment

    Read and watch the new discovery and treatment for MS. CTV News | W5 investigates intriguing new theory about MS Wouldn't it be great if ALS was as simple as this? Patsy
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    need help with changing email

    I had to change my email address and now I I wanted to change this in my profile but I forgot my password! What do I do now? Patsy
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    interesting article

    this article makes us think research is the only way to prove if ALS starts this way ! Patsy
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    sad news that has me very scared and depressed

    Hi everybody; My husband Stephane has decided that he is totally burned out and that he no longer loves me. So when and if I can find the necessary staff for 24 hour nursing care, until such time Stephane will stay and assist in my care; otherwise I will have to be admitted to a LTC facility...
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    A Legitimate resource of stem cell and ALS research

    Check it out; I think that is a reputable website. There is hopeful research being done with stem cells and ALS. Patsy
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    Feeding tubes and Proton Pump Inhibitors like Losec

    Hi everyone; When I had my gastrostomy tube done last September, my acid reflux got worse and therefore my doctor prescribed a proton pump inhibitor medication, Losec, to decrease the acid production in the stomach. But I knew from experience that I could not crush this type of medication, so...