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    In search of Tilt & Space cincinnati

    In search of Tilt and space wheelchair. Located in Cincinnati.
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    been a while

    So I haven't been on here in a while. I've been getting support by joining a als caregivers fb group. But somehow I'm not apart of the group anymore. Anyway I hope everyone is hanging in there. Right now we are trying to get a head mouse for a communication device for mom. We were told the...
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    sinuses and throat

    Hello everyone. My mother is having problems coughing phlegm. She can clear her throat but is not able to spit it out. (Sorry for being vulgar) It is also hard to help blow her nose, as she cannot well blow very well. Is this where the suction machine comes in?
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    me, judged?

    This is a very helpful forum but I think some of us need realize we are all here for each other. I am just taken back as to why anyone would want to make assumptions and judgments. Hmmm to each their own?
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    Venting like always

    Reflecting on today. I care for my mother Monday through Friday usually 9 a.m.-7 or later to help with dinner. My father has a pretty physically demanding job, but takes care of her nights, mornings before work and weekends. I recently put in my two weeks notice and my weekend retail job so I...
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    sucking through straw/ smoking

    Recently, my mother has been having trouble sipping through a straw or drawing smoke out of the end of a cigarette. Her doctors told her she can smoke if she wants to which consists of me holding it to her mouth. Has anyone had these problems before? I didn't expect changes this soon.
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    Mom hates the idea of a bedside commode. It's getting more and more difficult to transfer her onto the " jhon".She's a little thing, 5 foot and needs to reach the floor with her feet. Any suggestions?
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    signed out of hospice

    Mom was diagnosed a little over a year ago, can barely walk with my help. Her feet are curling in, legs are very stiff. I literally have to bend her legs for her. Sometimes I feel like I am hurting her because I bend with all my might but she claims it doesn't hurt. We have to turn/shift her...
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    first peg tube

    My mother is 52 and was diagnosed a little over a year ago. She just received a peg tube last Wednesday. The button area is still sore and seems tender and scabbed. Is this normal? She was also having cramps in that area today. She is still able to eat any food, with the exception of it getting...
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    home healthcare?

    Hey everyone. I haven't been on here in a while. Mom is 52 years young and was diagnosed this past September. She has decided to get the feeding tube and although im a little scared for her but I am glad she changed her mind. Theses past few months she has become totally dependent. She can...