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    I was misdiagnosed - I don't have ALS

    Labrador, When I was a foster parent a just a few years ago we were responsible for making all of our foster childrens' medical decisions/meeting their medical needs... with the exception of an H.I.V. test--- we were reminded repeatedly that *that* would require a court order from a judge...
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    Soonerwife's Love...

    Soonerwife, I have read so many of your posts and your love and devotion shined through each one. Wishing you all peace and comfort. Sadie
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    parent with bvFTD now falling

    Thank you, Laurie, and Tillie, and Nuts for your kindness. My dad does not live alone. He and my mom live in an apartment and my sister lives in the same building(separate apartment) and my mom has a few very supportive siblings all living on the same block. Sadly they live across the country...
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    parent with bvFTD now falling

    Hi Everyone-- Hopefully I'm posting this in the right place. About 6 years ago my father-- longtime academic, loving husband, stay-at-home dad, and just all-around exceptional human being-- started acting...weird... at times. "Insidious" is probably the best word to describe the onset. It...