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    my friend has passed

    Hello all- It has been a long time since I have visited / posted -- i had begun to be consumed by the deterioration of my friend John. - John has been granted Mercy and peace. He enjoyed his grandson for 2 months before ALS forced him into a fast final stage progression - which is what he was...
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    Wanted: Portble Ramp!

    Does anyone have a quality portable ramp for a power wheel chair? my PALS friend needs to have a portable / semi protable ramp system to get up a 3 foot rise... Any ideas or used equipment would be greatly appreciated!:-D
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    Wheel chair comfort

    Hi everyone- I have been trying to find some kind of breathable cover for my PALS friend for his wheel chair pads. Every time I hug him he is soaked with sweat and I know he must be uncomfortable - I have continued to search medical supply co. online but strike out --- any recommendations of...
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    "Ghost Whisperer" is wrong!

    Hi everyone -- Gina and I were just discussing the fact that the show Ghost whisperer just recently ran a story that was trying to portray a man with ALS. although it is nice to see the disease become a bit mainstreamed to help educate, that only works if the information they were given was...
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    maxed on anticipatory grief

    well - the most any of you have heard from me in the last 3 months have been fundraising in Honor of my friend - all of which has been successful.... but now i have been confronting the ugly realization that my friend and mentor has deteriorated to a point where he will need a peg tube - and he...
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    I-SCREAM for John

    I wanted to share the new fund raiser we are about to run on May 14... mainly because many of you could consider running a simmilar event for your PALS of for ALSA donations. John's ALSA walk team : "Johnny Walkers" raised over $10,000 last year for our walk, along with the MHS v.s. ALS basket...
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    Someone you should know!

    We recently had our principal John Blankush, who has faught the battle with ALS for almost 2 years now, featured on a local news channel. They did a great piece on John and what ALS is and how coragious he has been despite the deterioration of his body and speech - please go to this website to...
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    MHS v.s. ALS Basketball Game

    Marshfield High School students and staff are teaming up to fight ALS. Starting at 5:00pm on Wednesday April 2nd at the Marshfield Senior High Field House there will be many activities to enjoy with friends and family including: the iron man obstacle course, rock ‘em sock ‘ems, bungee running...
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    Strength, Hope & Persistence

    John is an active Principal @ Marshfield High School, Marshfield WI- John has continued in his passion for improving education of all our students despite his continued struggle with the terminal disease, ALS. John was diagnosed 18 months ago. ALS continues to consume his physical being...
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    Delb's Unconditional love

    I could not help but post this cute shot of delb's CALS friend, Rolex, who loves him and gives attention all the time - always waiting for delb- unconditionally - this little trooper gets neutered this Thursday - I'm sure Daddy Delb will will be worried...:mrgreen: Hope my picture comes through...