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    ALS specialist hiding my thoracic emg?....???? Is it possible???

    I have seen ALS specialist again.after last emg in Sept. did my limb and Thoracic musle emg but in report is only limb results. When I asked about thoracic test result he said he does not remember if he did it, so my husband was there as well while test and he does remember well because it was...
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    how to delete!

    I like to delete my emg pics , pls help! Thanks a lot!
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    Worried about an MND diagnosis

    Hi all, since I was kicked out I dont know why? I am back to post that I am under possible MND diagnosis. I knew it from beginning but some of forum members got angry at me. I understand you were only saying it's not ALS and I am thankful for the positive energy. Unfortunately I am not be...
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    NEEd help i am new , hi to all brave people !

    Im 41 female had strange spasm in october in my buttock area , 3 month was limping had ache burning in coccyx area my left side face is weird as well tingling twitching pressing pulling episodes now my fave is slightly thinner than right had weakness right hand now its in left hand , had nights...