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    Toto turns 1,000

    The big day has arrived. I know you have all been waiting for it. At long last it is here and so is our very own Toto......take it away Toto.......
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    Rate Threads - DIY

    Directions: "The forums allow you to rate threads between 1 star (terrible) and 5 stars (excellent). Once enough votes are cast for a thread, stars will appear next to its name in the listings. These show the average vote, and can be an easy way to see which threads are worth reading if you are...
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    In the Interest Of Harmony

    If you look down at the bottom left hand corner of this post, between the red triangle and the are you online light you should see a third button. It’s the Add to Reputation button. If you click on it you will see two choices, approve or disapprove and a space to type your comment. Please…...
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    Hotel California

    Opening soon. Check back later.
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    Fight Club

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    LL Researcher Poll

    We need to conduct some serious (NOT) research so I am asking for your participation is a easy poll to determine exactly what a "researcher" is. Please make your selections carefully as all data will be used to determine treatments and could effect longevity in both the northern and southern...
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    Make your own?

    Anyone have any experience, suggestions, references that would help with making your own PEG "formula"? Mainly as a supplement, in addition to ready bought. Thanks.
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    Some Things Are Worth Repeating

    While we wait for that cute little dog to get back here and pick up where she left off I thought I'd be nice to re-run a few of her more memorable lines. If you miss her too, please feel free to add your favourites. To start things off: "I was digging in Ms, Gulchs trash and thought they...
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    New PEG got questions

    Just had PEG 4 days ago. All good. No issues so far. Only using it for water and medicine. Food by mouth still. No need for pain medication at this point but....... Is it too early to run a bit of rum down it? Its Friday night and and I haven't been able to drink fast enough to get a good...
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    Lectern Lounge

    Opening a thread in an appropriate forum for everyone with the urge to lecture members about their posting, rather than in other peoples threads, where it’s just as disruptive, unproductive and antisocial as any other behaviour. If you think this lectern has not been used yet you’d be wrong...