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  1. fiddleplayer51

    My heart goes out to all of you

    Lillie, Thank you for your beautiful post and the encouragement you offer everyone. I'm so sorry you have lost your husband, and hope that healing has been going on through these months since April. With your faith you can climb mountains! Blessings and all good wishes to you and your family...
  2. fiddleplayer51

    A Peaceful Death

    DeeMichelle, I'm so sorry for the loss of your father, but how wonderful that you were with him to the end to comfort him. May he rest in peace and may you feel peace in the role you played in his passing. Blessings and godspeed to you and your family. Jane
  3. fiddleplayer51

    Dad has passed

    My condolences to you and your family. May you find comfort in each other through the holidays and onward. May your father rest in peace. Best wishes and strength to you, Duane, in your daily life with ALS. Jane
  4. fiddleplayer51

    Is this the end?

    Sandy, I'm very out of touch with the forum, but just have seen that your father has passed on. You were such an amazing daughter through it all, and the sacrifices you made are mind-boggling. I'm sorry for the loss of your father, but hope you can find rest and solace now. Especially, I hope...
  5. fiddleplayer51

    Jackiemax's husband Horace passed away

    Jackie, I'm so sorry about the loss of your precious Horace. You had such a short time together before his ALS diagnosis and had so many plans that could not be carried out. My heart goes out to you. I'm glad you could be with him as he passed on. What a dramatic moment! There's nothing that...
  6. fiddleplayer51

    Jackiemax's husband Horace passed away

    Paty, Thank you so much for posting for Jackiemax. Your anniversary date of Jorge's passing is soon coming up. I hope you are doing as well as can be expected. Blessings to you through the holidays and always. Jane
  7. fiddleplayer51

    My PALS ended his struggle with ALS

    Cindy, Thank you so much. Indeed, I've lost touch with the forum and am not up to date on PALS' and CALS' present situations, but I certainly have kept everyone in my thoughts and prayers these last several months. I know you've had a rough and long road yourself, Cindy, and just hope you...
  8. fiddleplayer51

    My PALS ended his struggle with ALS

    Thank you all for your kindness and understanding. It's truly amazing that none of us has met each other or really knows each other, and yet because of our individual walks through this horrible disease we are able to embrace and support each other with understanding that might be difficult for...
  9. fiddleplayer51

    My husand is FREE..................

    Chisty, May you find comfort in knowing that Dave is no longer suffering and struggling. Your daily battle seemed especially hard, and even though Dave is no longer with you, no longer suffering, I know the emptiness he left behind is extremely painful. I think, too, once our PALS die, the...
  10. fiddleplayer51

    I lost my father to this disease

    Carl, Your story is so amazing. Coming here to tell your story is probably the best thing you could have done. Watching your loved one waste away and being robbed of their life is the cruelest experience. Having experienced as a child the wasting away of your father and not fully understanding...